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Our Mission:

“Build careers worth having,
businesses worth owning and
lives worth living.”

The Agents at our DTC Office speak more than 15 languages including Amharic, Ukranian and Hebrew.

Keller Williams, Denver Tech Center


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Keller Williams, DTC - Profit Sharing and Commissions

Unique to Keller Williams® is the Risk Free 100% Commission Plan. With a sample 70/30% commission structure, associates can stop the annual payments to Keller Williams®, once they pay the annual cap in their respective office. They then receive 100% of their commissions until their next anniversary date! If they do not meet the annual cap at the 70/30 % split, they do not owe the company any money. It is risk-free! Higher splits of 80/20, 90/10 or 95/5 are also available with a cap guarantee. It is possible to be more than a 100% agent with Keller Williams®. If you currently pay a sizable amount of “company dollar” to your current company, we would love to sit down with you and help you calculate the difference. It may be astounding! If you are not eligible to be more than a 100% agent at your company, you will definitely want to talk with us.!

Keller Williams Profit Sharing Growth

Profit Sharing is a means for distributing the wealth and rewarding agents for growing the company.

• How much of the profits did your Broker share with you last year?
• How does your company reward you for referring agents to them?
• How much money will you continue to receive the day you quit selling
real estate?
• How many real estate companies have paid over $111,000,000.00 in
profit sharing to their participating agents?
• The Keller Williams® Profit Share System was designed to reward
its associates for building the company.
• The program allows any Keller Williams® agent, affiliate broker, or
employee the opportunity to participate in the profits they help
generate without assuming any financial risks.
• You are vested after three years.

Keller Williams DTC - A Traditionn of Results

Download our free booklet:"A Tradition of Results" and learn more about the Market Center Profit Sharing See growth results starting from 1993!

You can contact Team Leader, Tony Carnesi, at 303-771-7500
You can reach us by email:

Annual Profit Sharing  
Year Profit Share
2006 $53,000,000
2007 $44,000,000
2008 $34,000,000

Profit sharing dollars may vary — this is not an earnings claim.**


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