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The Agents at our DTC Office speak more than 15 languages including Amharic, Ukranian and Hebrew.

Keller Williams, Denver Tech Center


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Keller Williams, DTC Market Center

The Keller Williams DTC Market Center, headed by Team Leader Tony Carnesi,Jim Slinkard - Keller Williams Team Leader continues to set records for total completed transactions, profitability and agent profit sharing! The office is located at 6300 S. Syracuse in Englewood, Colorado. While these numbers show significant growth, the number that really pleases our agents is the nearly $40,000 that is returned monthly to the more than 110 agents in the office who participate in the company’s profit sharing program. Profit sharing has increased 72 percent compared to last year!

“A few years ago, the qualified agents in the DTC office divided $25,000 a year in profit-sharing, now they share over $40,000 each month. We have Realtors in this office that make their monthly car payments and house payments with their profit-sharing dividends. Others use it for their children’s college expenses or put it in their retirement fund. That is significant!"

Keller Williams DTC Market Center

Nationally, Keller Williams pays profit sharing dividends of $4.0 million per month to Realtors who participate in the program in the company’s 750 market centers around the country. The DTC office distributes one percent of that total monthly!

Keller Williams DTC - A Traditionn of Results

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